Hanse Textilvertrieb GmbH

SocializerHub supports us excellently and comprehensively with our social media activities: Research of the latest trends, interesting sources, preparation of content according to our specifications, development and implementation of a social media strategy and the acquisition of target group relevant followers are wonderfully and automatically solved here. We can concentrate fully on our market, our products, the definition of our brands and target groups, as well as the target-oriented control of the social media strategy. We like the support of the SocializerHub team best: Highly professional in their offer, reliable in their execution, and always 100% on the gas for new developments, open to new ideas and constructive-pragmatic in their implementation – we want more IT start-ups of this caliber for Germany. We want to achieve nothing less than absolute leadership in social media marketing in our niche, and SocializerHub will make this happen in the long run. Thank you for the fantastic support!

Patrick Habertag – President

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