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What is meant by leads or lead generation?

“Lead generation is a term used in marketing. A lead is a qualified prospective customer who is interested in a company or a product on the one hand and who on the other hand leaves his address and similar contact data (lead = data record) to the advertiser on his own initiative for further dialogue development and therefore is highly likely to become a customer. Generating high quality leads is a fundamental task for winning new customers. More and more companies are using the method of lead generation to build up their own databases of interested parties of significant size.

Address data of potential prospective customers can be generated online as well as offline for specific target groups”.

Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leadgenerierung

Nowadays it is indispensable for a company to be present on the web and almost every company already has a website. Through the web, it is possible to offer a product or service at any time, anywhere. In the times of Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram it is no longer enough to “only” own a website.

Through targeted data analysis and algorithms, these companies have mastered the Web. They determine in a certain way what is displayed to the user and thus influence the purchase decisions considerably in favour of large companies that are willing to pay a lot of money for campaigns, leads and ads.

This makes it difficult, especially for small and medium-sized companies, to generate leads via Google.

I am often asked how to manage to direct potential customers to a website.

There are three key terms here: communicate, interact and cooperate.

As an entrepreneur you should start to get in touch with your target group via the social networks and thus draw attention to yourself.

Through the targeted use of Instagram and Facebook, direct leads to your website can be generated with just a small amount of money.

Companies like Oakley, Etepetete or RedBull use the medium social networks in perfection. They manage to get users to advertise for you and distribute them among your “friends”.

They communicate, interact and cooperate with your followers. Of course these companies have a big budget for marketing and therefore other possibilities.

In my eyes, however, any company with a good strategy can use the social networks to attract attention. Start to get in touch and interact with your followers and potential customers. Through targeted cooperation, the reach of your contributions and the awareness of your social media accounts can be distributed and spread even more effectively.

All this sounds complex and complicated, but with the right tools it can be incredibly easy.

You should use the potential of social networks for yourself. You will see that the number of website visitors (leads) can be significantly increased.

Author: Max Ebert

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