Some of our FAQ's

Some of our FAQ's

Here we have collected some questions and answers, which should help you to understand our product SocializerHub® immediately. We will constantly expand this category. Of course we are looking forward to your feedback.

1. How can I start?

First we need the completed questionnaire from you, which serves as a basis for how and which social media channels we should operate with the SocializerHub®. We assume that all social media networks are already set up by you. If this is not the case, our support can help you. We will gladly set up the channels for you for a small setup fee.

2. What are the terms?

The contract for the services of the SocializerHub® has a duration of 12 months. The contract can be cancelled 6 weeks to the end of the contract, otherwise it is automatically extended by 12 more months. We have the possibility to offer you SEPA, credit card or PayPal as payment method.

3. First results

On average after 3-8 weeks we can show first results in the area of visibility and follower growth (organic growth) depending on network, industry and requirements. Despite all possible automation, the social media channels should continue to be observed personally 1-2x per week for interesting followers. So cooperation is in demand. However, we are reducing your daily work (currently 135 minutes per day on average) to a maximum of 20-30 minutes per week.

4. SocializerHub® Plans

The different SocializerHub® packages differ greatly in the scope of functions. All packages meet different requirements for our customers. In particular the SocializerHub® packages differ in the possibilities to combine different social media. Different types of automation can be set. Starting with the Professional Package, a communication analysis with costs is created, which then serves as a basis for our collaboration.