Feautres & services of the SocializerHub®

Social media today is more than just "posting". It becomes more and more important to interact with your target groups, to share relevant articles at the right time and on the right social network. The SocializerHub offers you the right tools for this purpose.

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Feautres & services of the SocializerHub®

Our services

Social Media Editorial Office

The SocializerHub® team will help you set up your personal social media online editorial office. In this online editorial office you can manage, plan and automatically publish articles on the relevant social networks.

Instagram Assistant

Our Instagram Assistant automatically helps you communicate and interact with your target audiences on Instagram. This has a positive effect on the number of followers and the reach of your account. Convince yourself.

Content delivery

With the help of keywords, relevant topics are searched for, filtered and suitable contributions are uploaded to the online editorial office. This will help you or your social media manager in your daily work in the social media and save a lot of time!


Almost everyone is on social networks, reach out for them! We help you with the planning and realization of promotions for your company. Your advertisement will then be distributed and presented in the social network in a target-group oriented way.


We are happy to advise you on social media marketing and promotions. As an entrepreneur it is important nowadays to know how and where your target group can be reached with online advertising and how to attract their attention.


Through our in-house agency, we realize customer-specific platforms and websites according to the latest standards. This is not just Responsive Design of websites with and without e-shops, but also functionality and security.

Why social media marketing is so important.

Nowadays there is no medium in which so many people of different age groups and nationalities cavort, communicate, share, like and spread content as in social networks. Therefore it is important for companies to communicate and connect with potential customers. Up to now, this has usually been very time-consuming and costly. By using and integrating tools such as the Instagram-Assistant to your social media strategy, the SocializerHub® helps you to design your social media marketing efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our team of developers, web designers, security and social media experts is always ready to answer your questions about the SocializerHub®.

This is how you work
with the SocializerHub®.

The time-consuming sending of data such as pictures or text documents became a thing of the past… as a customer you get access to our cloud to ensure a secure, fast and efficient data exchange.

The data will then be synchronized with your online editorial office, planned and made available for publication. The articles are published automatically or with your prior permission.

Send inquiry

Send inquiry

Send us your inquiry. We are looking forward to convince you of our products.

Lunching together

Lunching together

Set up your personal SocializerHub® or the tools together with our team. Convince yourself how efficiently you can work with our products.

Analyze results

Analyze results

Analyze for yourself how your social media channels are developing and how many people have been reached!

SocializerHub® more than social media

SocializerHub® is more than just a product or service. Our team consists of developers, system administrators, web designers, security and social media experts. Together with our cooperation partners, we can check the security of your entire web platforms, including a whole report for the IT department.

For us, social is more than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Today, social is communication and data exchange with friends, customers or colleagues. That's why we offer services that are tailored and optimized for you.

Optional SocializerHub® Services.

E-Mail Hosting

We take care of your e-mail hosting at a reasonable price. We also make sure that e-mail hosting is possible without technical knowledge. Service and support for our customers is our top priority.

Cyber Security

Do you know the dangers and security risks of your web servers and web applications? In times of increasing hacker attacks you should know where the weak points of your web infrastructure (web server, email etc.) are.

Cloud Solutions

Configuration of your personal cloud on German servers. Easy handling, inexpensive and expandable. Backups and support included.


Can you tell on which server your website or applications are running? We offer hosting and webspace "Made in Germany", including first class service and support.

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