Why Social Media?

Communicate with your target groups where they are, no matter what social network. SocializerHub® is specialized in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and many more!

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Why Social Media?

Target audience

Approximately 3.2 billion of the 4 billion Internet users use social media. This means that every target group can be reached and addressed via the social media.



In 2018, a budget of just over 47 billion euros will be used for advertising on social media alone to reach, address target groups and to attract attention.



On average, everyone spends 135 minutes a day in social media. More than two hours of time in which you could interact with your target group.

The "SocialzerHub-Way"

Through our unique approach we enable you success and visibility on social media! Organic growth, a target-group oriented approach and much more making you visible on social media and make you appear interesting as a serious news supplier.

More range

We build an organic reach on social networks that will last and you can use for social media and content marketing. Who doesn't dream of becoming a big name?

Target audience

Using the latest methods and technologies, we are able not only to find your target group, but also to make you known in social networks.


Through automation we can achieve the highest efficiency in building reach and awareness. We also automate and optimize the time when you post.


Your visibility and your growth in the social media is the most important thing of our work.


We let you talk to your target group and connect you with them for an even better bond.

Take off

Take off together with us and achieve success on social media with our 360° services.

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